I value my companion’s respect, education, know-how and discretion enormously. Besides these requisites, which are reciprocal, I also expect my companion to show up to our encounter with their best attitude and predisposition to enjoy. Can you imagine the outcome of two people giving the most of them? Why don’t you try it?

I also love to get ready and beautiful for you, so I expect you also arrive to our encounter freshly showered and groomed, and well dressed for the occasion.

My fares are not negotiable. Ever. I appreciate you will be a gentleman.  

I’d like you to be so kind to deliver the amount of my services in an open envelope at the beginning of our date so that the magic of the night won’t fade away. If we meet in a public space I’d like you to be tactful and hand it over inside of a book, or in a small gift bag.

The time I spend to be a GFE companion is limited to very few and exclusive furtive encounters, given that most of my time I am dedicated to my professional career, studying, meeting my friends and practising sports. This is the reason why I appreciate that you give me enough notice about the time you’d like to have our date, ideally 24 hours so I can get ready for you. The minimum I accept is 2-3 hours.



All women love gifts and I am no exception. If you bring something special to our encounter you'll make me even happier. Can I give you some ideas? Maybe flowers, chocolate, perfume, a book, lingerie... or anything you like on my wish list.